Light Runner, fantasy novel that “captures the gritty angst of a teen on the streets”

Light Runner, Book 1 in the Light Runner series, is a coming of age fantasy novel that “captures the gritty angst of a teen on the streets.”

Light Runner, by Philip Brown
Light Runner

 Light Runner is the first installment in a fast-paced and gripping contemporary young adult fantasy series for teens. Dara is a brave and clever female protagonist, learning to sidestep the temptations of both magic and fame. Set in the back streets of Los Angeles, Light Runner is an engaging new age fantasy for boys and girls alike. If you like action, adventure, and magic – with a hint of teen romance – you’ll love Light Runner.

Stay tuned for the next installment, Light Guardian, coming in 2018.

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Philip Brown, Young Adult fantasy author







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Listen to the author read the first three chapters of Light Runner.
Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:


“Terrific storyline. Very riveting.” Amazon Reviewer

“…an exciting story. Life on the streets of LA with other runaway kids enlivens the atmosphere, and Dara’s ability to stay hidden keeps readers cheering…. The healing Jyotisha also brings intrigue to the storyline. Its relation to her family’s past and its magical powers give an interesting supernatural element to the novel.” Underground Book Reviews

“Philip Brown does a great job keeping the story grounded in our world and our reality. So much so that I could see something like this showing up on the news or in a Twitter feed.” Amanda K. Thompson, YA Book Reviewer

“…an amazing idea for a plot…intricate details, twists, and turns. Thumbs up…” The Book Moo, YA Book Reviewer

“Great plot, heartwarming connections among characters and the overall message of love and empowerment make this a good read for any age.” Amazon Reviewer

When 16 year-old Dara finds an armband that miraculously heals her injured knee, she’s thrust into a perilous search for her missing father, clues to her mother’s recent death—and the stunning truth about herself. Light Runner, a new young adult fantasy novel from Philip Brown, is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers.

Five stars on Amazon!

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